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Teléfonos de contacto

Mesa Central:
2 2210 4000
Reserva de Hora:
2 2610 8000
Rescate CLC:
2 2610 7777

Our pillars


Warmth, proximity and familiarity

Thanks to the attention we provide in our daily care, our patients improve and progress.

Our goal is to maintain a culture of service, always putting great interest in the rights of patients. Furthermore, we demonstrate our sincere enthusiasm for comprehensive health care in each stage of life.

In all our areas of service, we deliver health care with a human touch that is effective and efficient. Meanwhile, we focus on high complexity medicine to pioneer the implementation of technologies, therapies and treatment models.

Tradition and innovation

We are a clinic where innovation is part of our tradition.

In 1978 the idea was born to create Clínica Las Condes, where a group of renowned medical scholars in their respective specialties met to develop an ambitious project aimed at building a hospital of excellence with a strong vocation for art and innovation.

From its earliest years, the clinic was based on the strength of its medical staff and a complete health care team, contributing to the delivery of reliable service to our patients. Our professionals also have great technical and academic education, which generates high levels of trust, allowing us to address cases of high complexity with a great deal of talent and responsibility.

The continued growth in the demand for clinical services offered has been addressed in practice; Clinica Las Condes is continually expanding, incorporating new professionals, facilities and equipment.

World class comprehensive medicine

Our clinical and medical staff is committed to providing excellent and comprehensive service for our patients, maintaining the highest standards of safety.

In addition, Clinica Las Condes is certified by prestigious international institutions that support our work.

One example is the Joint Commission International accreditation, as well as association with Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Research and development

We provide our patients with a commitment to health care and research development.

To achieve this, Clínica Las Condes operates with an Academic Board which includes two main areas: teaching and research. Here, the achievements are undeniable for the training of specialists, development, teaching and many national and international courses.

At the national level, an important step forward in research is the existing agreement with the University of Chile Faculty of Medicine with the goal of being the best clinical campus in the private sector, with substantial work in the formation of high level health professionals.




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