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Comprehensive Breast Center

The Comprehensive Breast Center at Las Condes Clinic was formed in 1995. It consists of 8 breast surgeons, highly skilled, dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mammary gland, especially in the form of breast cancer.

The professionals in our center work in close collaboration with the Breast Imaging Unit, which utilizes technology that includes digital mammography, high-resolution ultrasonography, MRI, and needle biopsies of breast lesions with high accuracy, which are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

For analysis of the biopsies we have the support of pathologists specialized in breast pathology.

Due to the high incidence of the breast cancer in the world and in our country - statistics show that breast cancer in Chile is the leading cause of cancer death in the women, we have encouraged a routine checkup in women older than 40 and women using hormone replacement therapy, with clinical examination and annual mammography.

The purpose of this checkup is early diagnosis of breast cancer, as it is curable when diagnosed early.

In addition, we take great care in assessing and monitoring women at high risk for developing breast cancer by implementing a High Risk Program.

With respect to the care of patients diagnosed with breast cancer, the Comprehensive Breast Center with the collaboration of specialists such as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and psychooncologists.

The work of this multidisciplinary team is embodied in a committee (or medical board) where the status of each individual patient is analyzed along with images, histologic findings, tumor characteristics, among others, and an individualized treatment plan for each particular case is proposed, this plan being of comparable quality to those published in the medical literature.

All patients attended by our Comprehensive Breast Center receive follow up periodically and are monitored according to their pathology.





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