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Clinical Cancer Center

Clinical Cancer Center

As cancer has become one of the leading causes of mortality, the objective of the Clinical Cancer Center is to achieve patient well-being through the integrity of their care which is based on the following aspects:

Objetive of the Clinical Cancer Center

  • Technical: Through a team of senior professionals with a heavy focus on research, teaching and up-to-date technological advances.
  • Comprehensive treatment: thorough, multidisciplinary solutions for patients in areas of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone solutions, along with the support of experts in infectious diseases, nutrition, psychology and palliative care.
  • Education and Guidance: Through a structured program with professional support networks and activities designed to provide emotional support to patients and families, reducing psychological stress and having a positive impact on quality of life.
  • Psycooncological Cancer Patient Support: We provide patients with a multidisciplinary approach, not only concerning ourselves with the disease, providing support for everything that happens to the patient and family.
  • Economic Certainty: The protocols governing different diagnostic and treatment processes help to reduce any uncertainty the pacient or family may have in respect to the cost of a variety of treatments. We also deliver further personalized assistance in respect to the payment methods.

In additional to the treatment of all cancers, we understand the importance of prevention and early detection of disease and our center has developed programs such as: No More smoking, Previmama (breast) and Previcolon.





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