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Center for Sports Medicine

The Center for Sports Medicine at Clinic Las Condes is a space created to comprehensively manage athletic activities that are attended by a multidisciplinary team of professionals working in althetics and healthy lifestyles.

Our center seeks to promote and encourage responsible exercise and healthy living, providing everything necessary for those who participate in exercise so that they may do so correctly and under the watchful eye of professionals.

The gym is fully equipped with cutting edge technology and machines, plus a care module for orthopedic and kinesthetic fitness consultations.

The center also has a number of programs directed towards:

  • Individuals who want to incorporate exercise and healthy living to their daily life.
  • Athletes looking to improve performance with targeting training.
  • Patients who need exercise as part of a specific health treatment.





Dirección Académica
Edificio Azul
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Horario de Atención

Lunes a viernes
de 8:30 a 18:00 hrs.