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Transplant Center

The mission of the Transplant Center at Las Condes Clinic is to provide health solutions to patients with terminal and irreversible organ failure through a transplant, and improve their quality of life and survival.

We seek to provide quality, efficient, effective, safe and humane care to the patient and their family that enter the Transplant Program, facilitating their reintegration into society and improve their quality of life.

Our Transplant Center is a leader in Latin American in excellence and innovation in the delivery of health care and safety of patients, continuously and systematically improving the quality of our services and experience of our population.


  • Maintain ourselves as a national patient referral center for transplant evaluation and admission to the various transplant programs.
  • Through transplantation, provide comprehensive therapy to improve quality of life and patient survival.
  • To help improve national indicators of morbidity and mortality in specific pathologies.
  • Optimize the rate of donors at the national level.
  • Include the patient and their family to the monthly meetings of the Transplant Program Support Group to provide education and emotional support during the transplant process.
  • Develop training programs for experts in the field of transplantation.
  • Develop clinical research and teaching programs.




Dirección Académica
Edificio Azul
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Horario de Atención

Lunes a viernes
de 8:30 a 18:00 hrs.